Aluminum Oxide Grain
Aluminum Oxide Grain, packaged in 50 kg PP bags, is known for its high toughness and hardness. Comes in grain sizes ranging from 12 to 100, it is brown in color, derived from brown fused Aluminum Oxide. With a melting point of 2,072°C and a molar mass of 101.96 g/mol, it ensures durability and reliability.

Black Silicon Carbide Grains
Black Silicon Carbide Grains, in powdered form, boast a maximum moisture content of 0.05%. Packaged in 50 kg packets, they offer 99% purity. Derived from silicon carbide material, they exhibit a brown color. Renowned for abrasiveness, they excel in grinding applications, providing efficient material removal and precise finishes.

Depressed Centre Wheels
Depressed Centre Wheels, brown in color and resin-bonded, are vital for weld grinding, cleaning, cutting, and grinding tasks. Made of Aluminum Oxide, they come in various thicknesses (4mm to 7mm) and diameters (50mm to 230mm), packed in corrugated boxes. These wheels ensure efficient material removal and precise finishes, enhancing productivity in metalworking applications.
Hand Stone
A hand stone, utilized for sharpening ferrous tools, has been employed since ancient times. Crated from Black Silicon Carbide grains with a special formula, it provides unique hardness and durability. Its abrasive nature guarantees efficient grinding, making it perfect for keeping up sharp edges on varied tools with ease.
Surface Grinding Segment
Surface Grinding Segments, come in straight and tapered kinds, feature brown Aluminum Oxide grains bonded with resin. These segments, measuring 150x80x25 mm, provide precise grinding capabilities. Their abrasive and hardness nature guarantee efficient material removal, making them crucial tools for surface grinding usages in varied industries.
Synthetic Cryolite Powder
Synthetic Cryolite Powder, in brown or black hues, is packed in corrugated boxes. It has usage as a flux in aluminum production owing to its conductivity and impurity removal properties. Its benefits comprise high melting point and chemical stability, making it indispensable in diverse industrial processes needing aluminum refining and metalworking.
Flap wheel
A flap wheel, 6 inches in diameter and brown in color, is an abrasive tool designed for polishing. With a grit of 60, it features abrasive flaps arranged in a round shape. It is extensively utilized for polishing varied surfaces, providing benefits like consistent finish, versatility, and convenience of use in metalworking and woodworking applications.
Fibre Glass Disc
A fiberglass disc, available in cream, black, and other colors, consists of fiberglass material. With inner diameters ranging from 7 to 40 mm and outer diameters from 32 to 63 mm, it's round in shape and 13-20 mm thick. Utilized in a number of applications, it offers strength, durability, and versatility in abrasive tasks.

Grinding Wheels
Grinding wheels, composed of aluminum oxide and brown in color, are essential tools in automotive, shipbuilding, and steel fabrication industries. They are also crucial in foundries and forging industries for cleaning and surface finishing tasks like removing gates and risers. Available in various sizes like 400x50x38.1mm and 500x65x203.2mm, they ensure efficient material removal and surface correction.

S.S. Cuting Wheels
Aluminum Oxide Grain, in a 7-inch diameter, is commonly used for metal cutting applications. It's typically reinforced for added strength and durability. Known for its hardness and heat resistance, aluminum oxide grain ensures efficient cutting performance and prolonged tool life, making it indispensable in metalworking operations.
Cut off Wheel
A cut-off wheel, in sizes like 350x2.5x25.4mm or 300x3.2x25.4mm, is a round tool, 3mm thick, brown or black. Made of aluminum oxide, often Hi-Tech branded, it is boxed. Operating at 6800 rpm, it efficiently removes materials for manufacturing, providing precise cutting, durability, and compatibility with high-speed machinery.
Plain Cut off Wheel
A plain cut-off wheel, brown in color, measures 200mmx1mmx31.75mm. It is utilized for cutting SS plates, rods, clutch wires, and pistals. Packaged in corrugated boxes, it guarantees safe storage. Its benefits include precise cutting, minimal material wastage, and enhanced productivity in manufacturing, making it essential for various metalworking tasks.

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