Black Silicon Carbide Grains

Black Silicon Carbide grains are highly sought-after abrasive materials owing to their unique properties. With a maximum moisture content of 0.05%, they maintain stability and effectiveness in various applications. Presenting as powdered form, they facilitate easy integration into abrasive processes. Packaged in 50 kg packets, they guaranteeconvenient handling and storage. With a purity of 99%, they guarantee reliable and consistent performance. Their brown color denotes their composition and distinguishes them from other abrasives. Known for their hardness and durability, they excel in grinding, polishing, and cutting tasks across industries. Black Silicon Carbide grains are the preferred choice for demanding abrasive usages, ensuring superior results.

Silicon Carbide Grains

  • Supply Ability:2 000 Per Week
  • Rolls Size:NA
  • Material:Silicon
  • Color:Brown
  • Type:Grain
  • Height:NA Centimeter (cm)
  • Width:NA Centimeter (cm)
  • Toughness:NA
Price: 125 INR/Kilograms

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